Ricotta Gnocchi

So…. I miss gnocchi…..I really really miss gnocchi!!And yes, we’ve tried to make a few keto versions using the way too overused FATHEAD DOUGH.I’m sorry, but…..NO!!! If you enjoy chewing on chewy cheese that’s posing as gnocchi…then that’s fine, but it in no way reminds me of the homey, comforting, soft, pillowy light as a … Continue reading Ricotta Gnocchi


Tiramisu a coffee lovers dessert of desserts. In Italian tiramisu literally means “pick me up/cheer me up“. That’s what this dessert promises, and that’s exactly what it delivers! Creamy, Luxurious, not overly sweet and laced with coffee, that’s MY KIND OF DESSERT! For the base, we used a sweetened 90 second bread to create the … Continue reading Tiramisu