Bacon Mac And Cheese

Rich, Cheesy, Gooey, Creamy With a Crispy Top, and oh-so-delicious…This is definitely the dish we get asked to replicate more than any other recipe!You know what it is!!! The quintessential side dish that is put on more tables than any other side.MAC & CHEESE! We’ve been very reluctant to tackle this one mainly because…..What do … Continue reading Bacon Mac And Cheese


Pronounced (sca-cha-ta ) is an Italian bread that means “Squashed”. It’s very similar in flavor and texture to a Focaccia, but is about half as thick. Today we’ve kept ours simple, just topped with Rosemary and Sea Salt and then brushed with garlic butter while it’s still hot. However, like with a Focaccia it’s great … Continue reading Sciachiatta

Antipasto Salad

Sometimes the best things are also the simplest!! This is more so a meal idea than a recipe as such.As you’ve probably noticed the last few blogs, I’ve been taking advantage of all the wonderful, fresh, in-season produce; And when you get produce at the peak of it’s freshness, you don’t have to do a … Continue reading Antipasto Salad

Collard Greens

One thing we get asked for a lot is MORE SIDE DISHES…Understandably you can get caught up in a boring rut serving the same meals day in and day out; And the easy way to help with that is different side dishes that excite the palate and keep it interesting. Collard Greens are a staple … Continue reading Collard Greens

Chicken Boscaiola Bake

Chicken Boscaiola is a hearty chicken dish that was invented in Tuscany; Boscaiola is what they call a “Woodsman’s Wife” in Italy. In the colder months, this dish was made from the ingredients that were available in the woods at that time, especially “Mushrooms”, which were generally wild mushrooms like porcini and hen of the … Continue reading Chicken Boscaiola Bake