Taco Soup

Well Finally we’ve had what I would consider temperature wise, our FIRST REAL FALL DAY!!The temperature finally slipped into the low 60’s and had me immediately craving something warm and comforting.Everyone probably has their own recipe for Taco Soup especially Pre-Keto. Some people use corn, some people use black beans and some more recent versions … Continue reading Taco Soup

Bacon Mac And Cheese

Rich, Cheesy, Gooey, Creamy With a Crispy Top, and oh-so-delicious…This is definitely the dish we get asked to replicate more than any other recipe!You know what it is!!! The quintessential side dish that is put on more tables than any other side.MAC & CHEESE! We’ve been very reluctant to tackle this one mainly because…..What do … Continue reading Bacon Mac And Cheese

Chili Meatballs

Mexican/Italian fusion at it’s finest. We love making meatballs, and it’s on our meal prep rotation every week, we are also coming into Chili season, and we thought…..WHY NOT??However, we haven’t just stuck meatballs in our Chili, we’ve reimagined the Italian meatball with mexican spices, and obviously left the meat out of our Chili Base. … Continue reading Chili Meatballs